About Twana Barnett Ferguson

a_015I've always had an infinity for sports and fitness, having played basketball, run track, and even spent time on the cheerleading squad all though school. After graduation I found myself putting my passions on the side to pursue a new love. Becoming a wife, mother and business owner. Yet the need for physical activity was always in the back of my mind like an itch just out of reach. Once my small family was ready I enrolled into MMA training. Much different then the training I had been used to, I found an immediate love for contact sports, but after a few years I begin to seek a more "practical" combat system to dive into. Enter Krav Maga. I stepped into that school on day one just for a demonstration and after five years of hard work and dedication I walked out of that same school a black belt. Not one to call it "done" at the finish line I also decided to further my education and become a certified Krav Maga instructor. During my time training I found the gym, because the only thing cooler than a girl who can kick ass is a strong girl who can kick ass. I had no clue when I first wandered into the gym, but at that very moment the lifting gods had smiled upon me. As it turns out not only was this gym filled with competitors but Olympians including the first Ms Bikini winner. I floated around the gym for a while with no real fitness goals in mind. All that changed quickly when I was invited to watch my first competition. Once I saw the women step on stage I was hooked. I knew at that moment this was where I needed to be and announced right then that I would be competing in the next show on the calendar. Eight weeks later I was accepting a trophy and an invite to compete Nationally in my first show. Less than two years and five shows later I had worked hard enough to accept my IFBB Pro Card. During my fitness journey I have added many titles to my resume. Wife, Mother, Business Owner, Competitor, Black Belt, Krav Maga Instructor, IFBB Pro, Personal Trainer, Prep Coach, Posing Coach, and Competition Suit Maker. And yet it's not enough. Always wanting to better myself I'm currently working to add Olympian to  my list of accomplishments. What comes next? Who knows. It's been a roller coaster ride so far. But I'm enjoying every minute of the ride and I'm not looking to get off any time  soon.